BANGKOK, Thailand – Nissan invites both local and ASEAN media to uncover the hidden charm of Northern Thailand through one of the most scenic routes in the region with the Nissan Kicks e-POWER. The 2nd generation e-POWER technology offers drivers a fully electric motor drive experience that is as responsive and quiet as an EV, while having the freedom to roam anywhere without the hassle of charging.

Isao Sekiguchi, President for Nissan ASEAN and Nissan Motor Thailand said, "For this high season, Nissan recommends a road trip to explore Thailand's northernmost region. It's the perfect time as the temperature cools down. The Nissan Kicks e-POWER will elevate your road trip experience, offering the thrill of driving an EV – powerful, smooth, and fun – without the need to worry about charging stations. This is a game-changer, particularly for those embarking on long-distance journeys or exploring remote areas. The Nissan Kicks e-POWER also comes with full suites of advanced safety features, ensuring utmost confidence for drivers and passengers on every journey."

"Nissan has been present in ASEAN for over seven decades, consistently innovating to meet the fast-paced, varied demands of our customers. Since its debut in ASEAN markets, the Nissan Kicks e-POWER has maintained its status as one of our strategic models in the region. This underscores Nissan's commitment to ASEAN markets and our dedication to addressing the mobility needs of each local market towards a sustainable future," he continued.

Explore the Charm of Northern Thailand on a Fun and Smooth Drive

The 300-km journey begins on a wider road in downtown Chiang Rai, leading to Choui Fong Tea, a renowned tea house celebrated for its scenic tea plantation, matcha treats, and award-winning architecture. While savoring the signature oolong blend, visitors can enjoy a view of the lush panoramic landscape. For a unique experience, one can participate in tea leaf picking at the location while dressing up like a member of the hill tribe communities. The ride to Choui Fong provides a great opportunity to test out Nissan Kicks e-POWER's impressive power, smooth acceleration, and high responsiveness, Thanks to the 2nd generation e-POWER powertrain that comes with an integrated electric motor and inverter combined in the same housing, making it 30% lighter in weight. The new 2.06-kWh lithium-ion battery increases efficiency by 30% compared to the previous version. This results in a maximum power of 136 PS with the highest torque of 280 Nm, While, the 1.2 liter DOHC 12-valve 3-cylinder engine acts as the vehicle's own power plan allowing drivers to enjoy the same driving experience as a full-electric vehicle without the need for an external charging or changing their daily lifestyle.

The second recommended destination is Mae Suai Dam, an off-the-beaten-path scenic viewpoint along the Thai-Lao border. The destination, 90 kilometers away from Choui Fong, offers a fantastic photo spot surrounded by nature. Activities like rafting and camping are available for those seeking more than just a brief lunch stop. While going up and down hills, drivers will find comfort thanks to Nissan Kicks e-POWER's e-Pedal Step. The e-Pedal Step enables drivers to accelerate or decelerate the vehicle using just one pedal, reducing the need to frequently step on the brakes while providing increased stability and control. Combined with passive safety features such as Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Intelligent Trace Control, the Nissan Kicks e-POWER handles curves with complete confidence.

When overtaking on a two-lane road, drivers can rely on the comprehensive 360-degree Safety Shield which includes active and passive safety technologies such as Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Blind Spot Warning (BSW) and Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection (IAVM with MOD). The 360-degree Safety Shield also features Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and High Beam Assist (HBA). LDW warns drivers with steering wheel vibrations if the car is leaving the lane without using the turn signal, while HBA automatically switches headlights to low beam from high beam when a vehicle is detected ahead, especially useful at night for pedestrian safety.

Continuing from Mae Suai Dam, the journey leads to the border of Chiang Rai and Doi Saket, an eastern district of Chiang Mai known for its stunning landscape adorned with rice fields and farms. Here, visitors can relish the unhurried pace and explore intricately built Northern Thai or "Lanna"-style temples or visit local villages in the area. For those with more time or a sense of adventure, a balloon ride provides a breathtaking view of Northern Thailand. Alternatively, they can enjoy a night at one of the homestays there, sipping locally produced coffee in serenity. For those who seek more comfort, they can head back to the city center of Chiang Mai, which is just a 30-minute drive away. As drivers navigate winding roads, steep inclines, and challenging turns of Doi Saket, they will feel the high responsiveness of a fully electric motor that delivers 136 PS of power and 280 Nm of instantaneous torque.

Over the course of a 300-km journey, Nissan Kicks e-POWER ensures a comfortable experience with its ergonomic design, high-quality soft-touch materials, and ample interiors. The vehicle offers three drive modes: Smart, ECO and Normal, with Smart and Eco modes offering a quiet and smooth drive like a full-electric car. The 2nd generation Nissan Kicks e-POWER also features wireless charging and the NissanConnect infotainment system. It supports smartphone connectivity through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on an 8-inch touch screen display audio system, providing easy access to mobile applications for navigation, music, and more during road trip.

Accelerating an Electrified Future of ASEAN

Since its arrival in Japan, followed by the ASEAN market in 2020, Nissan Kicks e-POWER has gained popularity. In 2021, the model won the "Technology of the Year" award from the Automotive Researchers' and Journalists' Conference of Japan (RJC) and several 'Car of the Year' awards in Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia since its launch in this region.

Nissan developed an electric powertrain called 'e-POWER' based on its experience with EV technology perfected in the Nissan LEAF. In its 2nd generation, the e-POWER technology not only builds on the success of its predecessor but also brings a new level of excitement and confidence to the road, delivering an EV-like experience without the need for customers to change their daily lifestyle. This resonates with Nissan's long-term vision, Nissan Ambition 2030, placing electrification as one of its strategic cores. The different types of powertrain technology available are designed to meet diverse driving conditions and lifestyle preferences, ensuring that there is a Nissan vehicle ready to support their mobility needs as the ASEAN markets progress toward full EVs and a sustainable future.


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About Nissan in ASEAN 
Nissan has been present in the ASEAN region for more than 70 years, employing employees across research & development, manufacturing, logistics and sales & marketing operations. Nissan's manufacturing operations in Thailand are the brand's regional hub for ASEAN and the R&D center in Thailand providing testing facilities for more than 90 destinations globally. Nissan has developed long-standing regional partnerships with National Sales Companies across ASEAN, as well as developing a growing network of dealers to deliver a significant Nissan product line-up to customers across 22 markets in the region. 

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Hana Maharani 
General Manager Communications 
Nissan ASEAN

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