Boustead Sdn. Bhd., the sole distributor of Nissan cars in the Sultanate, marked a new chapter in automotive excellence yesterday evening with an exclusive preview of the latest addition to an iconic series – the all-new Nissan Z.

Happening at the Nissan Showroom in Beribi, the event saw the unveiling of three (3) new Zs by Senior Operations Manager Tan Teck Hock; Aftersales Manager Chan Chee Seng; Sales Manager Haji Shahrum bin Haji Jaafar; and Branch Executive Shirley Chan. A product presentation by Product Assistant Manager Bryan Tham followed after. Prior to the reveal, host and Product Trainer Mohammad Zulfadhli Bin Rosli gave the opening remarks, while Nissan Brunei Marketing Manager Han Ming Kwang gave an opening speech. The event also featured a GT-R T-Spec model on display and exclusive merchandise for sale at the showroom.


The latest Z is a perfect blend of heritage and modern design. An exciting driving performance is a guarantee with newly developed engine, transmission and chassis, and new technological advancements that contribute to smoother performance.

At the heart of the Z lies the impressive VR30DDTT Twin Turbo V6 Engine, delivering a thrilling blend of power and efficiency with a max power of 400hp/6,400 rpm and max torque of 475 Nm/1,600-4,400 rpm. The Z also introduces Launch Control Assist, a system that optimizes acceleration, controls wheel spin, and provides the driver with an exciting and controlled launch experience.


The exterior of the 400Z is marked by several distinctive features that set it apart. Inspired by the 24OZ, the front grille is distinctively geometric, with wide and square opening that ensures an efficient air flow that optimizes the cooling performance of the engine. Meanwhile, the curvy shape of the headlight is a subtle tribute to the round headlights of the first- and second-generation Z-cars.

The 400Z also features the prominent hood bulge, inspired by the original 240Z. The bulge allows for clearance of the large powerful engine and gives the impression that power is hidden underneath.

Furthermore, the Z's aerodynamic design lets the Z slice through the air, having features such as a flush-mount design door handle, a front chin spoiler as well as front and rear lift aerodynamic aids to enhance ride and handling. Short overhangs and a sweeping roofline gives the Z a muscular stance.

The 400Z also proudly displays the legendary Z emblem, symbolizing the Z series' rich heritage, while the Katana Inspired Silhouette design draws inspiration from the sharp and precise lines of a katana, creating a sleek and aerodynamic profile. High-performance Akebono brakes ensure precise stopping power and control. Meanwhile, the distinctive double-ring 3D tail signature adds a touch of modern sophistication to the rear design.


Designed for racing excellence, the Racer Design Gauges were conceived with input from Nismo racer Mr. Tsugio Matsuda, whose experience in Super GT racing provided invaluable insights for creating a dashboard that meets the demands of professional racing. The result is a 12.3-inch digital display that combines style, functionality, and precision for an immersive driving experience. Drivers can tailor their experience with the Racer Design Gauges through three distinct display modes: Normal mode, Enhanced mode, and Sports mode. Each mode provides a unique set of information, catering to diverse driving preferences and conditions. The customizable digital display ensures that drivers have the information they need at their fingertips.

In Sports mode, the Racer Design Gauges introduce an innovative upshift indicator. This feature assists drivers in optimizing gear shifts by illuminating at the precise moment for upshifting, ensuring a seamless transition into higher gears while maintaining a constant engine speed. This enhances performance and control, particularly in high-performance driving scenarios.

Meanwhile, the 400Z also features a legendary triple pod cluster comprising the Boostmeter, Turbo Speedometer and Voltmeter. Considerations for the pod cluster were based on Mr. Tsugio's input, in favour of driver's focus, minimal eye movement, and easy reach and accessibility.

Further down the dashboard lies the controls for the ventilation and audio, showcasing an AIVI 8-inch touchscreen that links to your smartphone via wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to connect seamlessly to a multitude of entertainment apps and navigation system, allowing you to stay connected and all passengers entertained.


The iconic 1969 Fairlady Z is a classic that defined an era and ignited a passion for driving. First introduced as the 240Z in 1969, the iconic car was made from common and familiar components, yet it stood out for its excellent driving performance and high build quality. The 240Z raised the bar for what consumers expected from sports cars. Its success had a lasting impact, inspiring improvements in other sports cars. Fun fact - Tokyo Municipal Police Department used early Fairlady Zs as pursuit cars.

The Datsun 240Z participated in the challenging East African Safari Rally with three of their 240Z cars. Despite the 240Z not having been previously tested in such tough conditions, all three cars completed the rally. Car #11, driven by Edgar Herrmann and Hans Schüller, took the first and second position in the race. This success showcased the 240Z's durability and performance in challenging off-road conditions.

The second-generation Z, known as the Datsun 280ZX, made its debut in 1978. It showcased new and appealing designs both inside and outside the car, attracting considerable interest. The Datsun 280ZX aimed to meet the rising expectations of sports car enthusiasts by bringing in a higher level of luxury. It introduced notable features like four-wheel disc brakes, a 2+2 model, a Turbo model for added performance, and T-tops, an open-roof design, making its first appearance on a Z car.

In 1983, a new version of the Fairlady Z, called Z31, was introduced. The talk of the town, its newly designed Turbo V6 engine powered the Z31 to victory in the 1985 All Japan Rally Championships.

Introduced to the American markets in '83, it became an icon of affordable luxury and high-performance. Also standard features like air conditioning and leather upholstery made it a dream for sports car enthusiasts.

The fourth generation Fairlady Z or Nissan 300ZX, born in '89, left an indelible mark with its bold and beautiful design. Featuring wide, low proportions, distinctive slanted headlights, and a silhouette that radiates liveliness, it redefined style and performance. Short overhangs accentuated maneuverability, making every drive a thrilling experience.

In 2002, the 350Z, a two-door, two-seater sports car, marked the beginning of the fifth generation in 2002. A modern legend born with power and style, the 350Z underwent a stylish redesign, drawing inspiration from the iconic 240Z DNA. From its muscular curves to the growl of its engine, the 350Z fueled the latter half of the decade with its spirit of innovation and style.

A masterpiece of performance and style, the 2010 Nissan 370Z coupe has been turning heads since its debut. With an aerodynamic frame, V6 engine power under the hood, and an available 7-speed automatic transmission, it's not just a car; it's a redefined driving experience. With 370Z, every curve tells a story of speed and sophistication.


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