• AutoMobili-D exposition, focused on the rapidly evolving global automotive and mobility landscape, runs in conjuncti
  • on with the 2017 North American International Auto Show and will feature more than 100  companies
  • Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn to give AutoMobili-D keynote address on "Autonomous, Electric and Connected – A Talk on Current and Future Mobility"
  • Nissan LEAF provides real world example of LEAF-to-Home technology, offering guests refreshments made with power sourced entirely from world's best-selling electric vehicle
  • LEAF owners across the globe have travelled a landmark 1.8 billion miles, saving 1.1 billion pounds of CO2 emissions1
  • VIDEO: Nissan LEAF powers a concert: https://youtu.be/N7tXtC0dZGQ

DETROIT, USA – Nissan today announced it will be a major participant in the inaugural AutoMobili-D event, which takes place January 8 through 12 in conjunction with the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Nissan's major activities include:

  • A keynote speech by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn
  • A future technology display featuring a "refreshing" demonstration of LEAF-to-Home possibilities with a smoothie machine powered by Nissan LEAF – the world leader in pureelectric vehicle sales.

Mr. Ghosn, fresh off his keynote address at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, discussed current and future mobility trends – including Nissan's vision for the future called Nissan Intelligent Mobility. At CES, he projected that by 2030, electric vehicles will account for two-thirds of all cars on the road in populated, high-income cities. This is an increase from less than one percent sold globally in 2015.

Nissan is a pioneer of the electric vehicle movement, having introduced the world's first mass-market electric car, the Nissan LEAF, in 2010. Today, there are more than 275,000 Nissan EVs on the road globally with 102,000 of these vehicles in the United States alone.

EV batteries can do more than just provide power for driving – they can also be used as energy storage devices – and Nissan is a leading proponent of "Vehicle to Home," "Vehicle to Building" and "Vehicle to Grid" solutions. Nissan is working with various organizations around the country, including utilities, research organizations, charger manufacturers, regulators and other government agencies, as well as the general public, in both demonstration projects and further research.

Nissan is heavily focused on preparing for "LEAF-to-Home" commercialization in the U.S., similar to what is available on the market in Japan today. In 2012, Nissan introduced this system in Japan, allowing drivers to supply a house with the energy stored in a Nissan LEAF battery. By charging the vehicle at night when electricity is cheaper and powering a household during the day, the system assists in alleviating power consumption during peak periods when demand is highest and most expensive. It can also be used as a backup power supply for blackouts and emergencies. Today about 4,000 households in Japan are utilizing their EVs to manage home energy use, and hundreds of EVs are powering buildings in Japan and Europe.

Elsewhere in the U.S., Nissan is involved with a variety of "Vehicle to Grid" and "LEAF-to-Home" activities – including as a long-term partner with the Department of Defense on multiple grid-based projects at Los Angeles Air Force Base (California), Fort Hood (Texas), and Joint Base Andrews (Maryland). Combined, approximately 30 LEAFs have been deployed at these bases to demonstrate the technical and market viability of EV participation on the grid. Similar programs are underway between Nissan and other organizations around the U.S., including universities and utilities.

As a demonstration at AutoMobili-D, a production LEAF is being utilized for a somewhat different task – powering smoothie machines to provide refreshments (during select times) at the event.

"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to show the LEAF-to-Home system at Automobili-D," said Brian Maragno, director, Nissan EV Sales and Marketing. "Nissan has been a pioneer in 'Vehicle-to-Home' technology and a leader in its global adoption and we look forward to exploring the potential of this system, as well as the 'Vehicle-to-Building' and 'Vehicle-to-Grid' solutions in the very near future."

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